100 MineWare real-time monitoring systems now in action across North America


MineWare, a global leader in real-time monitoring solutions for ground engaging equipment, has just sold its 100th system in North America, achieving a significant business milestone and highlighting its growth in the region.


The sale of two Argus Hydraulic Monitoring systems was made to a Northern Territories diamond mine in Canada, where the systems are set to be in operation by November of this year.


MineWare CEO, Jason Fisher explained selling the 100th system was a significant milestone for the business.

“Across the globe, we support over 360 systems with North America one of our most important markets,” he said.

“We started in North America with the first sales of our Pegasys dragline monitoring system in 2011.


“Due to the reliability and accuracy of the Pegasys system, we have secured over 50% market share, and our team has grown from 1 to 21 employees based in all major mining hubs in North America.


“Since the launch of MineWare’s Argus Electric and Argus Hydraulic monitoring systems, we have continued to see a year-on-year growth of 18% or more, which is a testament to how well our systems work in the field and to the dedication of our employees who provide exceptional customer service.”


Fisher outlined that in the last five years alone, the region has more than doubled the number of mining companies they serve.

“Our North American operations has partnered with 17 major mining companies and services 35 unique mining operations across coal, iron ore, oil sands, diamonds, gold, aggregates, phosphate and copper,” he said.

“The North American market knows real-time productivity information goes beyond dragline operations, extending to other ground engaging equipment such as hydraulic excavators, electric rope shovels and wheel loaders.


“The interoperable nature of our systems means mines can use and share the data collected to make better decisions across the entire value chain.


“MineWare’s history of innovation and developing world-leading technology makes us a valuable partner for businesses that want to drive productivity and efficiency improvements for their mines.” He said.

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MineWare supports over 380 systems across more than 130 surface mining operations globally to improve their performance and productivity. Delivering productivity gains of up to 16%, while reducing costs, MineWare’s monitoring systems provide mine sites with independent machine guidance and payload monitoring information for their large ground engaging machinery in real time. In 2017, MineWare became part of the Komatsu Technology group of companies.