MineWare hauls in first South American deals

MineWare has extended its presence into South America, landing the global mining technology leader its first two Argus system sales with its partner Haultrax Chile - a global mining consultancy in automation, productivity and technology.

MineWare Global Sales Director Roy Pater said international mines want shovel monitoring systems that deliver real-time actionable information that will consistently improve operator performance, mine compliance, production, maintenance and safety – while reducing the overall running costs and have a proven payback of 6 months or less.

“Initially, Haultrax demonstrated the benefits of having a real-time payload and mine compliance system by installing an Argus Shovel Monitoring system and measuring the payback based on the payload improvement gained,” he said.

“They were able to demonstrate an 8.4% improvement in production by accurately providing the operator in real-time what target payload they should load into each truck. This translated to a payback of less than 5 months.”


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