MineWare productivity technology makes it mark in Chile.

MineWare, a global leader of advanced monitoring technology for ground engaging equipment has strengthened its presence in South America with a new base in Santiago, Chile.

With Regional Vice President for Latin America Ramiro Mesina at the helm, MineWare is supporting mining operations throughout the region to improve productivity and safety, optimise payload and reduce their cost per tonne.

Part of the Komatsu technology group since April 2017, MineWare now has an established base in Chile to meet the needs of local mining companies and support customers on their digital mining journey.

Specialising in the monitoring of mining shovels, excavators and draglines, more than 300 MineWare systems support over 130 surface mining operations throughout South and North America, Australasia and South Africa, optimising mine productivity and safety through real-time shovel-based payload measurement.

Since Mr Mesina’s appointment as Regional Vice President, he has had a strong focus on raising the awareness of MineWare throughout the region and establishing a local team based in Santiago, Chile.

“With the demand for our systems increasing we have been able to increase our presence and have established a local team in Santiago.  This allows us to provide exceptional 24/7 service to our clients locally,” he said.

Argus improves productivity and safety, reduces costs

MineWare’s Argus system is a world-leading, independent monitoring solution for electric rope shovels and hydraulic excavators that sustainably improves productivity and reduces maintenance costs which ultimately, lowers the cost per tonne of mining operations.

Already implemented by two of Chile’s largest copper mines, Argus has a proven track-record of providing productivity benefits.

Mesina details a recent case study from a local mining operation in which Argus had a proven ROI of less than 6 months.

“One of our clients in Chile implemented our Argus monitoring system on their P&H4100. Using the system, shovel operators were able to significantly improve their productivity by increasing truck payload compliance by 8 per cent and reducing overloads by 3 per cent,” he said.

“In turn this reduced the overloading and bunching of trucks which can lead to significant road damage, higher maintenance and fuel costs for mining operations. These results were achieved by Argus delivering real-time, actionable information about the payload directly to the operator on board. With each and every bucket load instantly displayed and counting down to the target payload required to load the truck to its optimum capacity, this reduces truck overloads.”


MineWare and Komatsu launch industry first

Earlier this year, MineWare and Komatsu launched Argus PLM; mining’s first integrated, factory-fitted payload management system, designed exclusively for the Komatsu range of hydraulic excavators and offered as a Komatsu product offering that can be ordered with any new PC 4000, 5500, 7000 and 8000 series machines.

“Our recent launch of the Argus PLM payload monitoring system for Komatsu excavators was a major milestone for our operations globally and a huge step forward for the OEM market,” Ramiro said.

By driving whole-of-mine productivity improvement, Argus PLM is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) version of the MineWare Argus monitoring system, and by uniting Komatsu and MineWare capabilities, Argus PLM offers customers the opportunity to have production improvement technology fully integrated with the machine.

“As well as the Argus PLM factory fitted system, we are also excited to offer the standard Argus aftermarket option to all Komatsu customers for their existing machines,” he said

“Komatsu hydraulic excavators currently represent 65% of Komatsu’s market share in Chile alone. This presents a significant opportunity for Komatsu customers in Chile to improve the load optimization of their shovels and excavators and in turn, lower their cost per tonne.”