Wheel Loader Monitor

An OEM independent wheel loader monitoring system that lifts productivity and reduces cost per tonne in real time.

Lift your productivity

Lift your productivity

The latest in safe-tonne technology, Argus WL is an advanced, multi-purpose payload monitoring system for faster, safer and more accurate loading.

  • Improve payload accuracy and distribution
  • Reduce cycle and load times
  • Optimise truck loading
  • Boost site safety
  • Higher wheel loader output
Optimise operator performance

Optimise operator performance

Argus WL provides real-time feedback to the operator via an intuitive touchscreen. The system delivers accurate information for more effective decision making on a range of production and loading tasks.

  • Improve operator technique and performance
  • Reduce structural stress and machine damage
  • Improve in-seat coaching and peer benchmarking
  • Reduce operator variation
How it works

How it works

Developed on an open IoT platform, Argus WL is an OEM independent, interoperable system. It’s intuitive and will integrate seamlessly with your existing software.

  • Designed for durability
  • Available for all 30t plus wheel loaders
  • Intuitive operator display
  • View your operations anywhere, anytime with mRoc remote monitoring software.


Download the Argus Wheel Loader brochure here



Real-time payload feedback to your operators on board for effective truck loading and best operator practice.


Operators receive real-time machine damage and stress index ratings.


View the progress of your equipment at any time with real-time, remote monitoring through mRoc Desktop.

Situational awareness
Payload optimisation
Mine compliance
Machine health

The real-time nature of Argus WL really stands the system apart as it gives operators direct feedback for them to make smarter loading decisions to optimise truck loading and payload management

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