Dragline Monitoring System

Improve the productivity of your dragline by up to 12%

The world’s #1 payload and mine compliance monitoring system for draglines.

Improved Dig Rate*
Reduced Cycle and Swing Time*
Reduced Fill Time*
Reduced Machine Stress*
Improve Production

Improve Production

An all in one integrated system that is easy to use and fully interoperable.  

  • Provide precise real-time feedback, in-seat coaching and peer benchmarking
  • Enables operators to make fast, confident and correct decisions on production, maintenance and safety tasks.
  • Real-time actionable information to the off-board crew to support and optimise operations.


Pegasys will improve the productivity of your dragline by up to 12% while establishing best operator practice and benchmarking.

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Reduce cost

Reduce cost

  • Actionable information provided in real-time and historically to the operator to enable immediate action  to reduce machine stress
  • Fully configurable alarms and machine health monitoring systems


Reduce your cost per tonne whilst reducing unplanned maintenance costs to help improve your bottom line.  Pegasys can reduce machine stress by up to 20%, saving you significant money with less downtime whilst improving production.



  • MineWare systems can connect and integrate with any 3rd party system using our standard API

MineWare is currently integrated with popular systems such as Modular Disptach, Leica Jigsaw and Caterpillar MineStar.*Based on actual field results







Payload Optimisation

Cycle by cycle, bucket by bucket. Payload calculation, time usage and delay tracking

Digital Terrain Mapping

Dig to design, every time. Precision guidance and compliance feedback for operators and engineers

Structural Monitoring

Stress/duty calculations with every cycle. Alarms and notifications for proactive maintenance scheduling


Improve the safety and operator behaviour with live video and the ability to easily overlay Pegasys data with camera footage

Operator Guidance

In-cab dragline guidance and position direct to the operator in real time

mRoc Desktop

Full remote monitoring from anywhere to track performance, provide operator assistance and make informed decisions in real-time.

Situational awareness
Payload optimisation
Mine compliance
Machine health

Pegasys is more intuitive for the operator, the KPI scorecards available in-cab drive results in improved operator behaviour and the ‘Actionable Information’ provided via the reporting module to the supervisors gives them the ability to react faster.

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