Drill Automation System

The intelligent automation platform for blasthole drills.

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to automate and optimize your blasthole drills.

30% ↑
Penetration Rate*
210K ↓
Annual Cost of Drilling*
30% ↑
Annual Production*
Automate the drilling cycle

Automate the drilling cycle

Using artificial intelligence, Phoenix AI gives you the power to automate your drilling cycle at the push of a button.

  • Intuitive dashboard monitor
  • AI generated drilling parameters
  • Colour coded drill index bar
  • Switch between autonomous and manual drilling modes
  • OEM independent
  • Any blasthole drill, anywhere
Optimize drill and operator performance

Optimize drill and operator performance

Phoenix AI is like having your best drill operator in the operator seat on every shift.

Adapting to its environment and constantly adjusting drilling parameters to match ground conditions, Phoenix AI responds to down-the-hole faults in real time.

  • Reduce total cost of drilling and blasting
  • Eliminate operator variability
  • Reduce machine stress
  • Improve blast hole quality and longevity
  • Increase drill performance
How it works

How it works

Phoenix AI helps drills working faster and smarter to optimize drill and blast outcomes, and drive efficiencies downstream.

  • Fast, simple installation
  • Independent of OEM control system
  • Provides feedback to the operator in real time
  • Compatible with all blasthole drills, all makes and models
  • Adjusts drilling parameters to maximize productivity


*based on results from a copper mine, AZ





Achieve the desired fragmentation for your downstream material processing while reducing blasting costs


Detects and corrects geologic faults for improved blast hole quality and longevity


Maintain OEM integrity and minimize installation time


Reduce exposure of maintenance, operations, and engineering personnel to hazards associated with drilling and blasting.

Situational awareness
Payload optimisation
Mine compliance
Machine health

Phoenix AI finds the sweet spot for every drill hole, the perfect balance of speed, pressure and force, to maximize penetration rates and total production without damaging the machine

Curtis Stacy
Product Manager, Phoenix AI

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