Payload Optimisation

Improve production by up to 16%. Guaranteed.

Support dragline and shovel operators to reduce their cycle times and easily reach or exceed their payload targets.

Increase in operator improvement*
Increase in cycle dig rate*
Increase in payload compliance*
Bucket Payload
Bucket Payload

Bucket Payload

  • Accurate per bucket payload reporting in real-time
  • Higher shovel output
  • Meet/exceed production targets
  • Improve payload compliance per bucket
  • Reduce cycle times


Truck Payload
Truck Payload

Truck Payload

  • Improve payload compliance per truck
  • Reduce fuel, tyre wear and stress
  • Reduce truck bunching caused by inconsistent truck loads
Performance Metrics

Performance Metrics

How to measure if our Payload Optimisation solution is working for you? 

  • Increase in the dig rate
  • Reduced fill time, spot time and loading time
  • Increased on target bucket and truck payloads (Argus Only)
  • Less truck bunching (Argus Only)
  • Reduce machine stress
  • Improve operator performance

*Based on actual case study results

A complete payload solution

Helping our customers keep their payload ‘in the green’, our intuitive operator interface delivers actionable information that supports the operator.

Tailor your solution

Tailor your solution with the system modules right for your operation. You choose. Contact us to find out how.

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